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Why You Should Consider Taking a Sleep Hygiene Test

We all lead busy lives. It seems as if we have a hundred billion things to do or to get done during the two-thirds of our lives that we’re awake for. Ideally we’d get a great night’s sleep every night so that we can get through our very busy days. For many of us, that simply doesn’t happen. A lack of quality sleep dulls us mentally and deteriorates our ability to function. For some of us, the reasons pretty are obvious. For the rest of us, the reasons why we suffer those long nights are a little more difficult to figure out. That’s when taking a sleep hygiene test would be of help.

Sleep Hygiene?! What’s That?

Don’t worry, it’s nothing weird. Sleep hygiene boils down to your sleep practices, habits, and environmental factors. A few examples to consider:

  • What time you normally go to bed.
  • What you eat or drink before bedtime.
  • The temperature in your bedroom.
  • Any physical aches and pains.
  • Mental chatter that is causing you stress.

What’s Generally Asked in a Sleep Hygiene Test?

Any good sleep hygiene test will help to reveal the things that are keeping you awake at night. Some things that any sleep hygiene test will cover will include many of the factors mentioned previously. As you think about each question, you’ll begin to pick up on some of the bad habits that you might possess.

Some questions that you’ll work through would include:

  • Do you go to bed at a consistent time every night?
  • Do you consume caffeinated drinks a few hours before going to bed?
  • What’s the average temperature of your bedroom?
  • How much noise do you have to deal with every night?
  • How often do you get out of the bed on the average night?

I personally believe as you think through each question, you’ll come to realize the many of the distractions that occur throughout the night. What you’ll learn will provide you with the clarity to take the action necessary to improve your sleep hygiene.

What Will I Learn After Taking the Test?

You’ll learn of the many bad habits and environmental factors that are keeping you awake at night. Some of which you can control and others, you’ll have to find a work-around for. Most of the online sleep hygiene tests will give you some general advice as well as some suggestions that you should consider.

I stumbled across one that will provide you with a more comprehensive report. Just give them your email address and they’ll send you a copy for free. I’m not sure if signing up for another email list just to receive a more advance report will do you much more good. Just working through the sleep hygiene test and thinking about each question will provide you with enough information on your sleep hygiene that you’ll be able to take the type of decisive action that will help improve your sleep.

So Where Can I Take a Sleep Hygiene Test?

Google or Bing is a good start. Just search for “sleep hygiene test” and you’ll find a few websites that provide one. But in your case, I’ll help you cheat. Here’s a list of online sources to check out:

  • WebMD’s – “Sleep Habits Assessment” – I’m not a big fan of WebMD. Whenever I use it for research, I end up self diagnosing myself. The usual recommendation is to visit an emergency room immediately. Putting my bias aside, I’m rather impressed with their assessment. It also provides a lot of good advice and practical tips that you can apply to your sleep hygiene.
  • Queendom’s – “Sleep Hygiene Test” – This is the abridge version of their test. It still asks lots of good question, but gives you some general advice. But still, thinking through the questions will be of great benefit to you. Queendom also offers a full version of their Sleep Hygiene Test that’s more in depth.
  • Psychology Today – “Sleep Hygiene Test” – Lots of good questions to ponder over. In the end, the test will offer general advice. But if you want a more advance report, you’ll have to put out some money.

It’s All Up to You

A sleep hygiene test is your first step towards resolving your insomnia or whatever sleep issues that you’re suffering from. Use the clues that it’ll provide to pinpoint the things that are undermining your sleep hygiene. If you want a better night’s sleep, then you should take a sleep hygiene test today. That way, you take the steps necessary to improve the one-third of your life that you should be sleeping through.





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