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Please allow me to personally welcome you to “How To Get A Better Night’s Sleep”! This website is sort of a labor-of-love for me. So please allow me to give you a brief primer on who I am and what you can expect from this site.


I’m not much different from you. I’m a recovering insomniac. And I’ve spent more time than I’d ever care to imagine trying to find ways to help me overcome insomnia. So sleep is kind of precious commodity to me.

Everyone has thier reasons for being unable to sleep at night. My troubles likely started with the bad habits that I developed as a kid, trying to live the life of a night-owl. Then as I grew up, I developed a nasty case of depression and anxiety. In my teenage years, I kept myself alert by drinking pots of coffee and energy drinks. Into my adult years, stress began to take its toll on me, which became exacerbated by my insomnia. The insomnia exacerbated my inability to sleep. My lack of sleep exacerbated my stress. Rinse and repeat.

I tried to man-up and tough it out, but after a while, life wasn’t working for me. I had to give up the energy drinks and supplements because they were negatively affecting my health. Besides, the caffeine wasn’t working for me anymore. I was having awful accidents at home and work. My memory was starting to suck. What was left of my self-esteem was fizzling out.

I knew I had to change. If I didn’t, I’d either die or continue to be miserable until I suffered a mental breakdown. That was the point when I started my journey to improve my sleep. Better sleep was my key to turning things around mentally, physically, and even in my professional life.


I know that you’re on your own personal journey to better sleep. That’s why your here. I know that you’re struggling just to fall a sleep. You wake up feeling worse than you did when you went to bed. Just like myself, you’re seeking out solutions to your sleep problems.

Please allow me to help you by making your journey easier and shorter than mine. Please allow me to share my experience and the experiences of others. This website exists to provide you hope. Hope that your endless nights will soon come to an end.


This journey isn’t just about feeling better about your situation. The end goal is about finding the tools and solutions to your insomnia and other sleep disorders. “How To Get A Better Night’s Sleep” is here to provide you and other readers with the education, information and the tools to end those sleepless nights.
But I need to warn you… thier are no one-size-fits-all solutions. What may work for me maybe an utter failure for you. It will take time to figure out what will help you get a good night’s sleep. The goal here is to help you find the answers that will work for you. Because you deserve to sleep better.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


All the best,

Chris Hilbig



P.S.- I am not a doctor nor a trained medical professional. This website is for educational and informational purposes. Always seek the advice and insight of a medical professional to help you on your journey.

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